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Humor a boost to memory, study shows! By: Valparaiso University

 In this article by Valparaiso, Dr. Keith Carlson researches if humor effects the ability to remember and recall information more efficently. He talks about his opinion and comments on this topic. Dr. Carlson states how humor will only help you remember that topic if it is relativily related to that topic in some way. Dr. Carlson gives examples like in funny advertisements like geico that is humurous and most people tend to remember this. Dr. Carlson is still looking forward to researching more about humor and memory and will soon hope to get a direct legit answer.

Questions/ comments: What tests would we use to determine this?

It is amazing how humor can help with memory.

Ive also realized that the only pictures that i really remember in my head are the ones that have humor. I beleive that humor does help memory.

Wrapping up the brain reflection! – Evan Phillipson

Positives and negatives of aquiring certain knowledge!!

        There are many pros and cons from aquiring knowledge. In this movie on the brain, navy seals were put to excrutiating and extremely difficult tests to challenge the brain to cope with fear in extreme conditons. These seals are aquiring the knowledge to not feel fear when put in deadly situations. This knowlege will help the seals to survive in many different situations. The negatives of aquiring knowledge is that knowledge is the antidote to fear. For example if you are surfing and you do not know that sharks exist, you would not be fearful of them. Knowledge suppresses mankind from trying new events from the fear of failing.Certain knowledge is helping and holding us back in multiple ways for the good and bad of man kind. 


How did the film adress the following?

–   Where did the knowledge come from?

            In the brain movie, many scientists were explaining how they used experiments, tests and observations to gain the knowledge we know today. For example, in the movie, scientists connected brain receptors to a psychopaths brain to see the thoughts they had when seeing different pictures with a variety of gruesome events. Another example would be when the scientists used different patients to see their thoughts during sexual intercourse.

–  How knowledge is aquired/ stored

        Knowlege is aquired from different tests, experiments, observations etc. Scientists gather random volunteers who they think would be good the experiments and then put them to the test.The movie talked alot about fear and emotion which really effect  human reactions on different events. Through gaining knowledge, our brains have learned to cope with these emotions in familiar situations.

–  Problems

     One extreme problem in the gathering of accurate data would be the number of tests done and number of test subjects. For example in the brain movie there were a little number of tests subjects for the experiment of thought while in sexual intercourse. This test was not accurate because there were not enough tests to be done.

–    How claims could affect other disciplines or how they relate to the “linking questions” such as belief, certainty, ethics, technology, etc.

    Claims could definetely affect disciplines and beliefs. For example if  claim is proven that goes against what you have beleived, everything starts havoc.



Questions, Comments!!

I was amazed on the fact that navy seals were put to such extreme tests. I’ve learned many new things about the brain that i did not know previous to watching it. I was wondering if our bodies were born with fear in us and knowledge isnt the only reason we fear.