Belief vs. Knowledge!!

1. Do you think we should respect the beliefs of a racist or sexist person? I do not believe we should respect the beliefs of racist or sexist people because they are only going off what they believe in, not what the whole community believes in. Those people are going to pick sides because of their racist and sexist perception that they are bad. I believe you can respect someones belief when they look at the whole picture and not segregating because of differences.

2. Find some examples of beliefs (modern or throughout History) that you think are both misguided and dangerous.

– bees only sting you when you bother them

– peanut butter gets gum out of your hair

– don’t judge a book by its cover.

3. i watched the blog video “IS THERE A REAL YOU? WHAT MAKES YOU YOU?“.  I found it interesting that he said that we are all connected but at the same time are all unique in our own way. He says how knowledge shapes physically and mentally. I found this video extremely interesting and it really made me think harder on individuality.


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