belief vs. doubt!!

Harrison:The Uncertainty of Knowledge

After reading this article i had many mixed feelings and didn’t necessarily believe everything in the article. This article really made me think in more depth about the key points they are trying to get across. Some beliefs were pin pointed perfectly but some were definitely not in the right context. One think that really stuck out was the line ” In our, lectures, conversations and pronouncements over the dining table we tell one
another that life would be much better if only people were more educated, had more faith
in religion, devoted greater effort to the cure of diseases, supported more vigorously
social reform, dieted, exercised more, flossed their teeth and voted for this or that
political party.” This really stuck out because this is what we all want to achieve and have been taught to do since little kids. I believe every one of these would make our lives better except having more faith in religion. I also found the line when he said the  world is always changing, how everything is always changing, thus transforming our knowledge. I found this interesting because it is completely 100 percent accurate. As our world changes, so does technology, leading us to further our knowledge resulting in a universal change. while reading this article, i learned a lot more about beliefs and gained more knowledge.

Climate Change “Doubt” Video

After watching this video, it really made my think about false information that we are being fed by the government and our peers. It makes my think that maybe some of the things i do or eat right now are going to end up being extremely bad for us. This video made me think about how the smokers feel  when told it was bad for them after smoking for many years. IT made me think about the lies of propaganda.

One false claim!!

One false claim that i can think of off the top of my head is that peanut butter gets gum out of your hair. This is definitely false because i have experienced in first hand. My mom said that the peanut butter would get the gum out of my hair so we tried and the outcome was just a clump of peanut butter in my hair and the gum still stuck. This claim made my furious as i was getting the peanut butter out of my hair.


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