This i believe film reflection!!!!

While doing my film i had many issues along the way in terms of the technology and the video format i would use. The first thing i did to start the film was brainstorming my beliefs. While doing this i came up with around 40 beliefs but for my film i only used the ones i really felt passionate about. The second step i did was figuring out what video format i should use. I first thought of writing my beliefs in the sand at the beach but suddenly had a change of mind. I decided that i wanted to write in a notebook with all my beliefs in big font. I thought this would be a great idea because its simple but still gets my point across. After i had my beliefs and knew what i was going to do, i grabbed the camera and a notebook. I got my mother to write down my beliefs as i recorded her writing them down, I then edited the video clip, fast forwarding and slowing clips at certain parts. I added music by my brother Marsden and i was finished. If i could do this again, i think i would have drawn pictures by my beliefs to make it more visually appealing and to help get my message across. All in all i think i did a good job and i am happy with my ending result.



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