course companion 3 pg.90

– Take a book you’ve read recently (could even be a text for one of your classes) and         Book: The Descendants

1. Out of all the possible topics or ideas regarding knowlege, what have the authors selected to give you? 

The author gives you the knowledge of what cheating could possibly do to a family. The author gives you the knowledge about how families react to devastating events. Kaui Hart Hemmings gives you the knowledge of the importance of being loyal to not only your family but everything around you as well. She gives you the knowledge of what standing up for your rights can do for any person in the long run.

2. Out of those topics or ideas treated, what have they emphasized, and how?

I believe that out of all these topics, being loyal was emphasized the most. I believe this because the book really talked about how being non loyal  can create devastating events. The king family almost  broke up because of mrs. king cheating on mr. king and their family with another man. Kaui Hart Hemmings really emphasized through hidden messages how being loyal or non loyal can drastically change someones life for the better or the worse.

3. What kind of language have they used, and what emotions or values do you indentify in the word choice? What images 0f photographs, drawings , or diagrams accompany the text, and how are they, too selected and used?

In this book there were no images that would help the reader grasp what the author is trying to portray but the authors word choice puts a very graphic visual image in the readers mind. The author uses a very laid back tone which is shown through the characters. The language was very mature and the word choice was excellent and really gave the reader a good understanding on the messages the author was trying to portray.

4. What is the context in which the book is written-by whom, for what purpose, and within what framework of declared and implicit values (such as TOK and the IB)?

The author is Kaui Hart Hemmings and she wrote this book in the context of a novel for all ages from teen and above. 

What are your thoughts about the sanctity of books and how did you arrive to your decision?

I do not believe that books are sacred and holy because books are just ideas and opinions on certain topics, so i believe the authors should deem the holy name. The book itself is not holy but the mind or person  who wrote it is.

2.Do books really “hold learning”?

Yes i do believe that books hold learning. I believe this because books are full of knowledge and learning is just gaining and retaining knowledge in many different fields. Books really do hold learning and teach humans many ideas opinions and much more.




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