Sense Perception!

This illusion really stood out to me because it is amazing how the beans move as you stare at the picture. I looked for information on how this optical illusion works but i couldn’t find any information on it!

Sense perception of hearing recorded for an hour:

– wind howling through the cracks in my window

– my sliding door opening and closing

– rolling chair rolling across my floor

-birds chirping on the telephone wires

– chitter chatter from my family members

– dog barking

-the fountain in my pool

-keys clacking as i type

– cars driving by


– hammering of nails

– feet stomping as my dad walks

– dogs feet walking along wooden floor

– music from my computer

– people talking on tv

– skateboarders

– boiling water

– the starting of a car engine

– kids laughing

– baby crying

– waves crashing

– coconut falling from a tree

– crunching of food

– the clank of putting down a tin can

– the sound of trees blowing in the wind

– sound of a tomahawk hitting a piece of wood

– knuckles cracking

– yawning

– sound of phone getting a text

– ringing phone

-“are you doing your homework”?

– “dinners ready”


 visual agnosia response:

This article was very interesting and made me curious enough to continue reading with an open mind. I didn’t know about agnosia before this article, and i found it interesting how some people can have an inability to recognize anything or  distinguish perfectly ordinary objects. I believe that people can only see full details when having an object in its entirety but this article definitely  changed my opinion on this. I found it interesting how john could see all the items on a persons face but cannot depict who it is even if it is his wife but is still highly intelligent and can see details as if he has normal sense perception. This really boggled my mind and really made me ponder on this topic. All and all i learned something new and it really made me think about this in a deeper meaning and made me think of how lucky i am to have all of my senses.


Theories of Reality:

I mostly adhere to the theory of scientific realism because I’ve learned and it is fact that our world is made of atoms wizzing around and that we perceive these atoms in different ways. One thing i have to point out is that i believe that our world isn’t a completely independent reality. We perceive things for a reason, so i do believe that the way we see the atoms has a reason behind it. yeah atoms are small particles but that doesn’t mean that they don’t have a connection as to why we perceive them the way we do.

Influences on perception:

I strongly believe that culture, mood, and beliefs affects the way that we sense things in the world around us. For example a song or any type of music can change you perception on depending on you mood at that time. What i mean is that you can listen to a certain song while in a happy mood and it will seem like a happy song or you can listen to it while in a sad mood and the song will totally give off a different vibe. Culture, mood and beliefs can’t change the the thing in its entirety but can definitely change the way you perceive it.

Patty Maes’ TED talk and “Connecting

While watching these videos, i received many important points about technology. One of the articles talks about how technology is increasing our knowledge and helping us. The other article is talking about how technology is holding us back and making us lesser than we should be. I believe that there is pros and cons for the technology that the 20th century has brought us. I can see how cell phones and smart phones are physically tearing us away from each other but is also helping us to stay connected at the same time. I believe that technology is changing the way we interact with each other but there are good and bad things about having this technology. All and all these articles have brought me to be more open minded about the technology we have and how it is affecting us.

Gesalt This image is the symbol for the android phones that have been recently released. What you think is a robot is actually just small shapes that are combined together so we will perceive it as a robot. This relates to a gesalt principle because all of the shapes are similar (they all are rounded shapes and it makes your eyes perceive it as a robot without putting much detail into it. This is called similarity as i have just learned in the gesalt article. Similarity is when there are many similar shapes that make up whole object.


The video above is all above sense perception and really makes you think about and have an open mind on this topic!