Visual Perception

How does our visual perception help and hinder our pursuit of knowledge?

I would have to say that our visual perception does hinder our pursuit of knowledge in many different aspects. While reading through articles and watching Youtube videos, i came across one by Beau Lotto which was an interview, in which he states that optical illusions are simply misconceptions. He goes on to say how we look at the world as once useful to us and that we cant see the world as it actually is. This really made me question how our visual perception does help our pursuit of knowledge.

Our visual perception does help us to gain knowledge with many aspects as well. In the same interview that i have linked above, Lotto says that we as humans have no direct access to the physical world. I would have to disagree with this statement because i think that all of our perceptions are our direct link to the physical world. How can our visual perception not be a direct link to the physical world? Another question i have is what is direct access to our physical world? 

While in class, we were watching videos and talking about relation ships and how our visual perceptions affect it. We were able to watch these on this link Science of Attraction. One thing that i found very interesting was that the more we see something, the more we will become attracted to it. They tested this by showing the mirror image of the person and showing the actual image of the person and asked which one they liked better. The majority of the participants chose the mirrored image. They then showed the same images to each of their significant other and the majority of them chose the original image. This experiment proved that the more you see something, the more attracted you become to it. Our perception can be altered by repeated exposure. 

How are our sense is manipulated by the media?

everyday we hear how our sense is being manipulated by the media. We read thousands of articles which give real life examples of how we are changed by the media around us. In class we watched a show on how models are shown in their pictures to be perfect by manipulating their features to make them look flawless. You can see this in this video. I also found it very interesting that we find and alter what we think is attractive based on what the media thinks and shows is attractive. This brings me to ask a few questions, How much do the media change our perception of beauty in things besides people? Is media an influence on how we perceive some things that may be beautiful? is the media really changing our perception of beauty?


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