Touch and sound blog reflection!


1. Touch Illusions: This article was about how we can feel something even though nothing is there or after a sensation has gone by. My question: Why do our bodies do this and if someone was born with an extra body part and it was removed, would they still feel it?

2. Sleeping Beauties seek fairy tale love at Ukraine art installation. This article was about sleeping women who let men kiss them and the one who woke them up would be the one they marry. My question: Why would any person let this be the way they decide who they marry? 

3. The Body Language of Touch. This article is about the importance of touch. question: does touch change the way we look at things?

4. Kissing device lets you send a long-distance smooch. This article is about how they created a kissing device that can send kisses throughout the world. My question: Who in their right mind would wanna kiss plastic? haha

5. A Touch of Understanding: Gene Tweak Opens Sensory Black Box. This article is about how science people are gonna be able to make neural maps of touch. My question: will we have paper maps in the next 10 years or will they be gone forever?

6. 10 Psychological Effects of Nonsexual Touch. this article is about how touch can change several different aspects of humans, Question: How far does this research go and how far can we apply it?


1. Worlds Largest Natural Sound Archive. this article talks about the biggest archive of sounds in the world. Question: Why would someone want all of these sounds?

2.Music and the Brain. This article talks about how the ear reacts to different sounds. Question: Is the sense of sound just as important as sight?

3. The cocktail part effect. This article talks about how we can focus in on one sound even with many other sounds around us. Question: How did our brains learn to achieve this?

4. How does sounds affect creativity. This article talks about how sound affects creativity. Question: Would a def persons creativity lack because of the lack of this sense?

5. The sound of taste. The article talks about the affects of sound on taste. Question: What part of your brain does this trigger to make sound affect taste?

6. Beethoven’s Deafness may have influenced his music. This article talks about how or if the deafness of Beethoven has affected or influenced his music. Question: How could beethoven compose with out being able to hear?

Sound from Silence. This article discusses the research about the inner ear. Question: Why : Is a defect in the eardrum the only way you can go def?


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