Language B Idiom/Slang/BodyLang/TermsofEndearment Presentation

For this presentation, i added on insults. I have selected one gesture used and an insult and a few words or terms that are insulting to most of the Spanish culture. Here is the link,


Language As a Way of Knowing

2. “Language was the real innovation in our biological evolution; everything since has just made our words travel faster or last longer” – Steven Pinker

I totally agree with this quote and Steven Pinker put this sentence in the best way possible. I agree with this quote because language is how we communicate and if we don’t communicate then biological evolution would have never happened. We need each other to learn and create so without this, we would never have evolved into what we are now days. Our language helped up to use innovation and talk to each other to learn and increase our biological evolution. I also agree with the second part of the quote saying “everything since has just made our words travel faster or last longer” I agree with this because it is saying how our language helped up to develop up to a point and now we can communicate faster and longer through technology such as computers, cellphones, mail and etc. 

3.linking question!

 How is mathematics like a language?

Math is like a language because we can use it to describe our thoughts and certain concepts that we may have. We can also use math to communicate various ideas that we may have. This relates to how math is like a language because in our languages, we use it as a took to describe certain ideas, various thoughts, and concepts that we have. When i looked this up online, i stumbled across this  Wikipedia Article that talked about exactly what i have stated above. The article talked about how math is a tool used to communicate and help to show different concepts that we may have.


1) How much could you know about the world if you had no language or means of communicating with other people?

I believe that you could only know about what you smell and see, and can figure out with just your own mind and thinking, you wouldn’t be able to know what anyone else knows, you would just know about your own knowledge. You could know about something that you have  seen but you would never know how it was made and what concepts were used. To sum up my thoughts on this question, i would say that the only knowledge you would have would be your own that you have taught yourself.

2) What are some examples of words that have entered the English language as a result of the computer revolution?

There have been many words that have entered the English language through technology because of the result of us american’s being lazy. Some of these words would be like “Nbd, wtf, k, cu, luv” there are many more also. All of these words have been made because of our technology and because of the invention of the cell phone, especially the iphone. 

3) Try to define as precisely as possible these words: a. triangle    b. love     c. table  What is the difference? Which was easiest to define?

– Triangle: A triangle has 3 sides and 3 angles all connected together

-love: Love is a unique feeling that only some people truly feel and it connects others through emotions and comfort. 

– Table: A flat surface that is put on top of 4 legs, used to rest objects on.

The difference between these is that love is something that you feel and you can only describe it on what your knowledge of love is. The table and the triangle are both objects that you can just describe without having to deeply think about it.

I thought that the table was the easiest to define because it is the most simple object unlike a triangle. 

5) Do you agree with the old rhyme “Sticks and stones may break my bones but names will never hurt me”? In light of the effects of cyberbullying, how might you analyse this quote?

I do not agree with this quote because i do believe that words can hurt you, sometimes more than sticks and stones may. Yeah, sticks and stones may break your bones but words will always stay with you and can bring down your self esteem. Cyber bullying has caused people to commit suicide which is way worse than any broken bones of scars from being hit with various objects. Verbal abuse in my opinion is worse than sticks and stones so i would have to say that i do not agree with this quote.

6) How would you try to explain to a blind person what the word RED means? What does this suggest to you about the limitations of definitions?

Red is a very hard word to describe and is pretty much impossible to describe to a blind person because you need to be able to see it to be able to picture it in your head. Red is an indescribable color. This shows us that definitions are only limited to our senses. 

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