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Curate something (summer)

Being a senior, everyone is freaking out about college applications and picking the right college that fits you best. For me, choosing a school with the right environment, a good engineering school and a population of amazing people shall help me to choose the best college that shall fit me the best. Right now, i am going to apply for cu boulder, university of Colorado and lane.

2 factors that i believe will help you find your best school would be knowledge and environment. Knowing about the college will help you find the correct college that fits you best. The environment is a huge factor because if you do not like where you are then you will most likely not like the college. For example my brother went to Portland Oregon and hated it after the first 2 weeks because of constant overcast and rain. Another very important aspect you should keep in mind when applying for is being persuaded by claims from other. One example of this would be when your friends or parents try and tell you what college you should go for instead of finding the right fit on your own. The person that will know the best fit for you is you and only you.