Emotion and Reasoning: What Would You take if the House Was Burning Down?


Surfboard- I have a passion for the ocean and surfing and i feel like this would be the most important item that i bring. Surfing makes everyone happier and happiness in a necessity in finding the key to life.

Acoustic Guitar- An Acoustic Guitar is an instrument that can be played anywhere and at anytime because it only takes the guitar and your imagination to play music. Everyone needs music in their lives and without it, our world wouldn’t be as full and wonderful as it is. Music brings joy to everyone. 

Turtles- I got 2 turtles with alex tatum about a year ago. ones named philip and ones named leslie. These turtles are my favorite pets and i would not want them to die in a fire. 

Picture- This picture consists of me and my grandpa and the fish i caught when i was about 10 in Montana. My grandpa is the one man that i look up to in life and i love him more than anything. He has and still is teaching me more than anyone else ever has or ever will.

Eiffel tower- I would bring this because it is a sick metal miscellaneous good that my parents got from France and can also be used as a weapon. 

Computer- I would want to bring this because i love to listen to music on it and i love to play games. This is the only item that i would bring that is powered by electricity.

Snowboard jacket- I would bring this because it is like a survival jacket and i can pretty much go all around the world in this one jacket. 


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